APRIL 1 → APRIL 4 – 2024


Client Meeting

  • Met with the client to discuss details of an upcoming trip to Amsterdam to meet his client(s).

Technical Developments

  • Finished implementing a seed throw mechanic
    • Finalised calculations for the seed throwing.
    • Succesfully detected swipes and swipe speed.
  • Implemented a flower spawn based on previous mechanic

Double Diamond

The majority of this week was spent on further advancing the seed throwing mechanic as well as adding a flower that spawns where the seed collides with the ground.


To be able to finalise the seed throwing I did some more research into the pokemon throw to combine my current knowledge and see if a final solution can be found.


The objective remained the same as last week, implementing a pokemon like throw to allow the player to swipe a certain direction at a certain speed and achieve coherent results.


I started with two new tutorials, these provided new insights and led me to a more final solution. The biggest part was tweaking the variables until it felt responsive and intuitive to use. (see code below) After that, the only thing left for this week was implementing a flower spawn.


Nearing the end of the week I managed to finish the seed throwing and also implement the flower spawning. Both of these were then recorded and sent to the client in video format. He was positive about the development. I also made another release on GitHub to go with the development.


Next week will start with a trip to Amsterdam, where we will meet the Museum’s representatives as well as going to a few other museums for inspiration. The rest of the week’s focus will primarily be on Procedural Art for me personally.


After an unsuccesful week last week, I decided to do one final dive into the pokemon ball throwing and stumbled upon these two tutorials. They gave me the last insight needed to finish the mechanic.

How to Add Force to Gameobject with Swipe to Throw It In 3D Android Unity Game? SImple Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O9bAFyGvH8&t=1s

Pokemon Go Throwing Mechanic in Unity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKhmcPa_Fjg&t=5s


This week was, in contrary to the previous one, a really succesfull week. I managed to finish the throwing mechanic, as well as implementing the flower spawning. This means that all interactions are done for scene three, which in turn means that based on the art the scene can be finished soon.

Next to that we had a good meeting with our client regarding next week’s trip to Amsterdam and he was positive about my work this week.

Media & code

Showcasing seed collision in AR.
Showcasing the seed throwing mechanic and flower spawn.
Vector2 xyForceDirection = new Vector2(-direction.x, -direction.y);

                    Vector3 force = new Vector3(xyForceDirection.x * throwForceX, xyForceDirection.y * throwForceY, 0) +
                                Camera.main.transform.forward * (timeInterval * throwForceZ);

                    // Add force to objects rigidbody in 3D space depending on swipe time, direction and throw forces
                    rb.isKinematic = false;
                    rb.AddForce(-direction.x * throwForceXY, -direction.y * throwForceXY, throwForceZ / timeInterval);
  1. By removing the previous line and instead making the force relative, I achieved way better results. ↩︎