FEBRUARY 26 → MARCH 1 – 2024


Client Meetings

  • Meeting with our client on Monday
    • Learning about the Museum’s setup.
    • Learning about the pre-made script, concept and characters.
    • Another studio is developing the interaction.
    • Minor issues
      • Primarily related to proper roles and missing knowledge the client had of our studies.
    • Identifying the client’s goals; Teamwork, stepping out of our comfort zone and creating something new.
  • Meeting with our client on Friday
    • Agreed upon a direction for the project
    • Presented my first prototype for feedback

Technical Developments

  • Setting up Git
    • Set up protected branches to ensure safe use of version control.
    • Inviting all members and explaining the way of working with git.
      • Pull Request > Review > Merge with develop
  • First prototype (see video below)
    • Learning about Unity AR Foundation
    • Custom images for markers
    • Image tracking for markers


  • Writing up my learning goals by finding a balance between personal and client goals.

Double Diamond

This week was primarily focused on the development of our first prototype in Unity. For this I needed to do some research.


Did research into a feasible AR framework to use, this had to take into account several factors such as: a young audience, scalability, reliability and performance.


Combining all these factors lead me to the use of image tracking, the so-called process where images (markers) are used to identify locations where an object can be placed. This ensures scalability, takes into account that a young audience can use it as it is very visible and easy to distinguish, and it is not too performance heavy, which is necessary for developing for tablets.


Created the first working prototype that does as described above, the models are placed according to the images detected. This also works in real life but we don’t have access to a phone capable of AR at this moment in time.


The prototype was posted as a release on our GitHub. It contains a basic form of image tracking and shows a solid base for the rest of this project.


For the next week the plan is to implement a panel with rescaling and repositioning capabilities as well as getting our hands on an AR capable device as soon as possible to test the prototype. As well as generally advancing the prototype and improving it.


During this week I mainly did research into AR development within Unity. For the development I used some tutorials to gain more insight into specific features.


The second week went by quickly as I was very focused on the first prototype. I managed to get quite some things done and learned a lot about development in AR already. The client was happy with my progress and the teams as well so I can only be satisfied with this week.


Initial prototype that shows objects being placed on corresponding images in a simulated AR environment.