FEBRUARY 12 → MARCH 15 – 2024


  • Attending the project introduction
    • Filling in survey to form studios and generate project leads.
    • Assigning studio members to projects.
  • Preparing for project briefing
    • Researching the Golden Rule.
    • Researching previous Abner Preis Studios projects.
  • Attending the introductory meeting for our project
    • Meeting Abner Preis (our client).
    • Noting down important parts of the vision for the project.

Double Diamond

As we will be working in sprints and my role will mostly be a technical developer, more so than a designer, I have decided to use the following agile development framework.






During this first starting week, we did research into the golden rule as well as projects previously made by our client to gain some insight.


The first week was a slow start but definitely sparked some interest in each of us and we are eager to get to our hands dirty in the coming weeks.