Learning about User Experience (UX) in Augmented Reality (AR)

During the next five months I plan on acquiring knowledge on AR user experience design principles, interaction patterns, and user feedback methodologies. I will read relevant research papers and perform multiple tests for the user experience. This goal aligns with the project’s objective of developing an AR application for a Jewish museum, ensuring the gained knowledge is applicable to the full project.

Developing a framework to be used in AR

During the next three months I plan on creating a comprehensive base for an AR application that supports placing a cube on a detected image. I will produce a detailed document outlining the framework’s components, supported by at least one prototype. I have picked up on programming skills and will learn about AR development tools, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application. The framework development directly contributes to the project’s overarching goal of creating a usable and effective AR experience. I aim to complete the framework development and initial prototype by the end of the third month, allowing the rest of the time for testing and refinement.

Developing interaction within an AR space

During the next five months I will further develop the aforementioned framework to implement interaction with the placed objects. For this I will deliver at least one prototype that uses multiple interactable objects (3>) with which the user can interact. By using my existing programming knowledge and expanding upon it through the form of tutorials I will make sure to achieve the best possible. The development is necessary for the completion of the project. I will work on this for four months after which I have one month for testing, feedback and improvements.

Establishing effective communication with the client

During the whole semester I will make sure to communicate effectively with the client. This will be through design updates during our bi-weekly meetings. Using channels like Discord and e-mail I will stay in touch and be prepared to answer questions. Establishing clear communication is essential for project success ensuring that the developed solution aligns with their vision and requirements.