In 2020 I decided I wanted to study CMGT, and this led me to Saxion. To get into the study I was tasked with creating a game, this could be a game based on one of three themes out of which I chose “Maze“. As the coronavirus was just starting to reach Europe and the Netherlands I decided it would be fun to make it relevant to our situation.

The first thing I wanted to was to draw some ideas that I had, so for example I had to think of different player models/outfits, different obstacles/decorations, different backgrounds/places and different textures I’d need.

As you can see I went with an absurd one and then chose two others that would make more sense. I didn’t really like the doctor in the end so I decided I’d do something with the hazmat suit.

The goal of the game was to find a cure for the virus. I placed this at the end of the maze and created obstacles in the shape of coronaviruses that would kill the player if they’d touch them. I rigged the character following a tutorial and I used a free asset from the store to get the third-person movement I wanted.

The last, and possibly most important part, was the maze itself. I made this in Blender 3D and then UV unwrapped it so that I could put a material on the walls in Unity.

All of this resulted in the game I called “The Search“. I was pretty happy with what I accomplished in the two/three weeks that I worked on it. I passed the intake exam with a “good” (on a scale of insufficient, sufficient and good)