The first project of my study, CMGT. The goal of the project was to create a board game inspired by one or more digital games.

We thought of fun ideas and eventually came to the concept of creating a board game inspired by fall guys, the player(s) would have to throw a dice to reach the top to finish as fast as they could. We worked out different obstacles that the player would need to pass.

The board would be divided into three layers, each more difficult than the other. The gameplay would feel a bit like “Ganzenbord“, touching the wrong cell will see you being moved back and getting lucky would see you jumping in front.

The first few steps of designing the board

We asked one of the artists to create different tiles which we’d place on the board to show what action needed to be taken. I made the board in Blender 3D, and during the two weeks, we made three different iterations.

  • The first iteration with basic colour-coded mechanics

The first iteration was just to test if the game worked and if the cells were in the right place, and then we moved on to the second one.
This also was not yet what we wanted and it didn’t look that great.
Also, the artists were done with the tiles and so I decided to work on the final board, one with different stones as cells. Each cell that needed a visual tile on top of it had one and the game played well.

During the process, we also thought of a little backstory. Basically, princess pineapple was captured and the pawns (each with their own little backstory) had to try and save her. The first to reach her would win her hand and thus, the game.

The only thing left to do was to create an imaginary box in which we’d sell the game and create a game trailer which you can find below.