This time around my goal was to create a grid-based building system so that the player could select the object he wanted to buy, place it and earn money.

I was not able to visualize what square you are hovering because that feature got damaged along the way. I did add some more UI and a working economy (although extremely basic).

I tasked myself with creating several trees, bins, stones and more. I wanted to do it all in the same low-poly style, to be able to do so I watched some tutorials about cutting shapes and other simple techniques to create good-looking low-poly models. I also reworked the hotdog on top of the truck.

I also continued work on the same document as the last time. That version can be found here. If I look back at this third outcome I can’t do anything else than wonder why I thought this would be a good idea. I was not able to program a full gameplay loop yet and the document I used was not really made to fit such a vague design process.

I made sure to improve my documentation in the final part of food frenzy which you can read about on the next page.