Throughout the project I used the Double Diamond methodology but we, as a team, decided on using Design Thinking in the pre-development phase to map out what the first priorities would be in our journey of developing the experience.

Objective: Understand the needs of the client and the target audience.

  • Communicate with the client to understand their needs and their goals with the project
  • Understanding how to best reach a balance with the clients goals and our goals.
  • Research on the museum where the project will be displayed
  • Research target audience

Objective: Define the goals for the project.

  • Problem statement: The client and the Jewish Cultural Museum, seeks to create an engaging Augmented Reality (AR) installation, that follows the story of Eden, who discovers the journey of the Golden Rule. The project involves developing five interactive AR scenes designed for children to interact with.

Objective: Explore a wide variety of ideas and solutions for the AR installation.

  • Brainstorm about ideas on how to best approach the 5 different scenes and interactions.
  • Explore the different art styles for the AR installation
  • Consider the technical aspects of the project to better achieve the goals,.

Objective: Create the different prototypes for the AR installation.

  • Create the different prototypes of the AR scenes, focusing on the interactions and key features
  • Create block-outs for the scenes

Objective: Test prototypes and gather feedback

  • Use feedback to iterate and make adjustment to the prototype