To set out an accurate cost calculation we researched average wages, software license costs and discussed with our client.

In the end we are looking at several types of costs:

  • Wages
  • Voice acting
  • Hardware (tablet) rental
  • Licensing (music & software)
  • Outsourcing (script writing & QA, AR pillar creation, translation)

All of these posts combined with their estimated costs would then result in the table below. It is truly fascinating to see what a simple semester long project like this already costs. Especially on the wage side of things, seeing as that is the highest cost by far it seems beneficial to do a project in this way.

Junior development team of 6 working 480 hours480 hours * €22,5 * 6 people = €64,800
AR-marker pillars€5000
Hardware (tablet) rental 1 year€39 * 12 = 468
Software licenses€5571
Music licenses€1500
Voice acting€3500
Script writing & QA€3500