First-Person Simulator: Coffee Creator

For the last month, I have been working on a first-person simulator in which you buy, roast, process, and sell coffee. To make this project successful I will be using my knowledge from my work experience and my love for coffee.

A big thing for this project is to make sure it works with both a mouse & keyboard as well as a controller. To do so I have used Unity’s new Input System.

The very basic movement uses both m&k as well as a controller.
When aiming at an interactable the prompt and name will be shown.
This computer will be the center to accept quests, obtain rewards and spend them in a shop.

After the basics were done it was time to start working on a quest system, my inspiration for this was PC Building Simulator in which you accept emails with quests, complete them and get your rewards.

The quest system with quest tracking, the active email (red text title) will be tracked.
The finished quest system, if all objectives are completed the player will be rewarded.

Obviously, this is nowhere near a finished game loop, I plan to implement a way of obtaining ‘raw’ coffee beans to roast them and pack them up as shown above soon. This would also give the currency an actual purpose.

Also I plan to implement a lot of user feedback soon as you currently don’t know if you actually completed the challenge other than the money coming in immediately.